Staff Profiles

Paula O'Connor

My name is Paula O’Connor and I joined the Office as a Trainee Auditor in 2010.

What attracted you to the Office?
The role of trainee auditor gives a more holistic view of auditing, from planning, fieldwork and reporting which greatly benefits and contributes towards the completion of my studies for CIMA. I was interested in expanding my experience of various organisations in Ireland and as every client is unique and involved in various activities this allowed me to gain an enormous amount of knowledge and see how different agencies add value to the public sector.

What type of work can a trainee expected to be involved in?
I work in the financial audit side of the Office and am part of a four person team which audits the accounts of a large number of State agencies. These agencies are involved in a variety of different activities and programmes on behalf of the public and prepare commercial style accounts. Financial audit is aimed at providing assurance to Dáil Éireann that the accounts are accurate and complete. I am assigned elements within the overall audit and on smaller audits I would complete the fieldwork by myself.

What do you enjoy most about your role? Financial audit involves an element of examining business processes and it is very interesting to learn and understand how people go about their jobs. While the role is described as ‘trainee’ I deal with people at different levels including senior management and have found this a very valuable experience. I really enjoy the variety of work and travel to different locations around Ireland.

I was promoted to Auditor in November 2014. Also, I was promoted to Senior Auditor in December 2015.