Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General - Press Release on the 1994 Annual Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General

Press Release on the 1994 Annual Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General

Main Points of 1994 Annual Report

The Comptroller and Auditor General's Report on the Appropriation Accounts for 1994 is a composite commentary on the results of his audit of the various Government Departments' and Offices' financial transactions for that year. The volume also contains the Appropriation Accounts themselves which show the year's outturn against the moneys provided by Dáil ?reann for the range of services delivered by Government Departments and Offices

The Report itself contains material which is critical of Departments but also draws attention to matters of a financial nature which have a public interest. Attached is a quick reference guide to some of the more noteworthy items in the Report.


  • Section 7 (see page 4)?50m was issued from the Exchequer to a Special Account under the control of the Minister for Finance in December 1994 as a reserve to meet the cost of further share capital in Aer Lingus Group plc in 1995. The money was still in the Special Account at the date of this Report.


  • Section 15 (see pages 9 and 10)Substantial unexplained differences between the Revenue Commissioners' accounting records and its bank statements have existed for some years. Although this militates against proper control of receipts and payments it is only now being addressed.
  • Section 17 (see pages 11 and 12) The summary of tax outstanding under the various tax heads and the total estimate expected to be collected shows that of ?2,057m nominally outstanding, Revenue reckon that they will collect ?509m.
  • Section 22 (see pages 15-17)Follow up action being taken by the Revenue Commissioners to establish that the conditions of the Incentive Tax Amnesty were met by those who availed of it.
  • Section 24 (see pages 18 and 19)Analysis of a sample of taxpayers who availed of the General Tax Amnesty.
  • Section 25 (see pages 20 and 21)Failure of Revenue to impose penalties on employers who don't submit their P35s on time


  • Section 35 (see pages 32 - 35)Cost overruns on harbour improvement works at Burtonport and Kilmore Quay.


  • Section 38 (see page 38)Disallowances of up to ?109m proposed by the EU on Agriculture expenditure.
  • Section 43 (see pages 47,48) The Department's failure to recover grant overpayments because of inadequacies of its systems.
  • Section 45 (see pages 50-52)Deficiencies in TEAGASC's system of recording expenditure eligible for EU funding led to the loss of ?300,000 in EU aid.

Enterprise &Employment

  • Section 47 (see pages 53-55)?1m in newly purchased equipment lying unused in storage because of delays in modernising the Weights and Measures Service.

Social Welfare

  • Section 50 (see pages 60-62)?16m of social welfare overpayments were recorded during 1994 while recoveries totalled over ?5m in the same period. The Department attributed some ?11m of the overpayments to fraud or suspected fraud by claimants.

General Sections 10, 30, 31, 50 and 54

Financial irregularities/frauds in Government Departments and Offices Revenue (pages 7, 8)

Prisons (pages 27-29)

Environment /Finance (page 29)

Foreign Affairs (pages 58, 59)

Social Welfare (pages 64, 65).

Disallowances of up to ?109m proposed by the EU on Agriculture expenditure.


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