Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General - Press Release VFM examination report on Garda Transport

Press Release issued on 17 November 1995

VFM examination report on Garda Transport

The Comptroller and Auditor General, Mr John Purcell, has carried out an examination of Garda transport. A report of the examination was presented to Dáil ?reann today.

The Comptroller's value-for-money mandate empowers him to examine the economy and efficiency of state bodies. He may also examine how those bodies evaluate the effectiveness of their operations.

Garda transport services cost ?14.3m in 1994, including ?3.9m which was spent on vehicle procurement. The Garda garage in Phoenix Park is responsible for the servicing and repair of approximately 650 of the fleet's complement of 1500 vehicles.

The main conclusions of this report are

Delays occurred in allocating vehicles largely due to the system of bulk procurement.

In the case of the 1994 intake these delays amounted to at least 13,640 vehicle-days - the equivalent of 37 vehicles for a year. The maintenance cost per mile of vehicles serviced or repaired by the Garda garage in Phoenix Park, Dublin, was around three times that of vehicles serviced at commercial garages.

The more expensive maintenance cost at the Garda garage was due to

labour costs for Garda personnel being greater than that for mechanics in industry

the average time taken for servicing being in excess of industry norms.

In addition to this low productivity, costs were incurred on overtime (?100,000).

Opportunities to achieve greater value for money exist. The principal options are

substitution of civilian labour for Garda personnel and/or

contracting out the garage operation.

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