Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General - Press Release on the 1999 Annual Report

Comptroller and Auditor General’s Annual Report for 1999

The Comptroller and Auditor General, Mr John Purcell, has today presented his Annual Report and the Appropriation Accounts for 1999 to Dáil ?reann.

Volume 1 contains the Annual Report which is a composite commentary on the results of the audits of the various Government Departments and Offices.

Volume 2 contains the audited Appropriation Accounts which compare the outturn against the moneys granted by Dáil ?reann for the range of services provided by Government Departments and Offices.

The Report records matters arising on the audits which, in the opinion of the Comptroller and Auditor General, require public accountability or which are matters of legitimate public interest. The matters raised in the Report will form the basis for the Public Accounts Committee’s programme of examinations in the coming months.

It is important to emphasise that the Report should be viewed in the context of the many services provided by Departments which are well managed and controlled. Attached is a quick reference guide to some of the main items in the Report.

The Report is also available on our website.

For further information, please contact Jennifer O’Halloran at (01) 6031016

Quick Reference


  • Cost of DIRT investigation and inquiry - ?2.25m
Page 3
  • Tribunals of Inquiry and Investigations have cost ?46m to date

Page 4


  • Achievement of savings on Civil Service air travel slow to materialise
Page 5

Millennium Celebrations

  • Lack of control and monitoring of certain events
Page 11

Department of Finance

  • Delays in bringing a modern clearing system for cheques into operation
Page 21
  • Administrative inefficiencies in the processing and payment of Civil Service Pensions

Page 29

  • The amount of outstanding tax continues to fall - it stood at just over ?1 billion at the end of May 2000. Revenue estimate that ?560m of this is likely to be collected

Page 38
  • Reduction in the number of Revenue audits

Page 40

  • Three individuals convicted of tax evasion in the Courts in 1999

Page 44

  • ?63m in back tax, interest and penalties received as a result of special DIRT audits and ?19m received as a result of investigation into NIB offshore investment scheme

Page 45

  • A review of the operations of the Special Enquiry Branch established the need for

  • more efficient and effective processing, review and evaluation of information

  • improved co-ordination and liaison within Revenue and

  • increased commitment to follow-up action in cases uncovered

Page 52

Page 53

Page 54

Garda Síochána

  • Cost escalation on PULSE system with adverse repercussions for further development
Page 57


  • Lack of control over the provision of computers to schools
Page 66


  • Delays in recovering overpayments to farmers
Page 75
  • Continuing difficulties in the collection of land annuities
Page 77
  • Status of legal actions taken by Department to recover moneys under EU schemes
Page 80

Eircom Flotation

  • Financial outturn
Page 83

Department of Defence

  • High levels of obsolete stores in Defence Forces

Page 87

Social, Community and Family Affairs

  • ?22m in overpayments in 1999 of which ?12m was attributed to fraud or suspected fraud
Page 93
  • 37 employers and 107 social welfare recipients were brought to court in 1999
Page 95
  • Serious shortcomings in the Department’s procedures for recovering maintenance in one parent family cases

Page 97

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